Interview at Roundhouse Radio

**YOUR CITY, YOUR VOICE – ITS NOT WEAK TO SPEAK** ON THE AIR with Don Shafer – Roundhouse Radio Listen now – Interview topics – * PTSD / First Responder Mental Health – Awareness * Presumption of Illness – Bill M203- Shane Simpson for Vancouver Hastings * St. Florian’s Knights Fundraiser * Trev Deeley […]

Please welcome Terrance Joseph Kosikar to the BC Legislature

Member of the Legisltive Assembly – Shane Simpson welcomes Terrance Joseph Kosikar to the BC Legislature. POWER OF THOUGHT – “Please welcome, Terrance to the Legislature” One hour after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was over, most of Canada was cheering, and celebrating. Unable to bare the overwhelming amount of guilt, shame, and the unforgiving […]

Prison guards flip tire to bring awareness to PTSD

Original article published on by GLENDA LUYMES AGASSIZ, B.C. — In the shadow of a guard tower at Kent Institution, correctional officers added their voices to the first responders calling on the B.C. government to do more to help those struggling with work-related post-traumatic stress disorder. “It’s — not — weak — to — speak,” the officers […]

Former paramedic flips tractor tire up Blackcomb Mountain for PTSD awareness

By Yuliya Talmazan Online News Producer  Global News A former paramedic is flipping a 400-pound tractor tire through waist-deep snow up a mountain while shackled in 60 pounds of steel chains for a cause that’s very close to his heart. Forty-five-year-old Terrance Kosikar and a team of his two friends from Australia and Romania have been on their […]

PTS Awareness – Day 1 – I RELAPSED

** I RELAPSED ** By trying to get as “HIGH” as possible … up Cloud 9, on Whistler Blackcomb ,with our tractor tire to raise awareness to Post Traumatic Stress, Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery. Day 1 – Flipped 1.7 kms – 728 Vertical meters Our goal also was to bring more public awareness to Bill M203, […]

Who was the man in chains, flipping a tire at the BC Legislature on Canada Day

Originally By Victoria Buzz – July 5, 2016  – Click here to read original article Terrance Joseph Kosikar is 43-years-old and lives in the beautiful back-country mountains of British Columbia, Canada. On the opening day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, a luge athlete by the name of Nodar Kumaritashvili, was killed during a training run at the Whistler Sliding […]

First responder to Olympic luge accident hopes to shine light on PTSD – Globe and Mail

Originally published in The Globe & Mail here. Six years after the death of a Georgian luge athlete on the opening day of the 2010 Olympics, the first responder who tried to save him is still wrapped in the chains of post-traumatic stress disorder. On Saturday, Terrance Kosikar, 45, finished Breaking the Chains B.C., a […]

B.C. first responder finishes tire-flipping journey – CTV News

Originally posted CTV News Vancouver here A British Columbia man who was the first responder to a horrific luge accident during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics has finished a personal journey that he undertook in memory of the athlete who died. Terrance Kosikar arrived at the base of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler on Saturday, completing […]