WARRANTS FOR MY ARREST? Tribal police flips tire to help raise awareness to PTSD

After hours of intense interrogation, by Constable Leonard Isaac, of the Tribal Police Stl’Atl’Imx, Mr.Terrance Joseph Kosikar refused to testify and is protected under s. 13 of the Charter from having any incriminating statements “used to incriminate himself in any proceedings against him at this time.

Kosikar says, “It’s not very often you see many people where I live out here in the backcountry, so today was very odd to me when I heard the rumble of a truck creeping its way up the long road to my cabin. I got the binoculars out, and to my surprise, it was a Tribal Police Truck.”

Kosikar admits he immediately ran inside the cabin and put all the guns away..grabbed his camera and started filming this unique situation. Ya see, even when people get shot up here or stabbed, its still very rare for the police to show up. (more…)