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Watch now – todays CTV news coverage live in English Bay, raising awareness to PTSD / Presumption of Illness petition.

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Terrance Joseph Kosikar’s heart rate went up, anxiety levels kicked in full throttle, just before speaking to over 40 men, at the Together We Can Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education Society yesterday morning.
Kosikar says, “He was so nervous and stressed out due to his insecurities of speaking to more than 4 people at one time.
He felt maybe the people that were listening would get up and walk out of the room, as he knows most of his life people laugh at him behind his back and always says he talks to much.
He sat in a small room, lights off, doing a few breathing exercises to bring his heart rate and mind to a slowed pace, before looking up to his higher power for the strength and confidence to get up and try and inspire and motivate over 40 TRUE WARRIORS who were living in a recovery house taking the proper 1st steps to get there life back on track.
As the room filled , one after another , each man took his seat.
Kosikar says, ” the room just kept filling up, one man after the next, as each warrior took his seat.With each one that sat , Kosikar smiled and knew that his 30 years of suffering was all training JUST FOR THIS MOMENT.
This is his destiny. (more…)


JULY 23 – 24th (11 am start)  ENGLISH BAY –  FIRST STEP HOPE

FORMER BC FIRST RESPONDER RAISING AWARENESS TO PTSD by flipping a 400 pound tractor tire several kilometres while shackled in over 50 pounds of solid steel chain.

On July 23rd- 24th,Terrance Joseph Kosikar will be flipping his tire in English Bay and around the sea wall ( Stanley Park) for another few kilometres to raise awareness to PTSD. By raising awareness about this debilitating mental illness, his hope is to help First Responders suffering from PTSD get the support and treatment they need.

Feb 12, 2016
Kosikar flipped a 400 pound tractor tire 30 kilometres in 30 days through the Cayoosh Mountains of BC wearing 52 pounds of solid steel chain. The symbolism is clear and poignant. The chains of PTSD are invisible but no less constraining and burdensome than steel – and the dead weight of public and bureaucratic misunderstanding and indifference as awkward and unwieldy to move forward as a huge tractor tire.

Upon completing his 30 day journey, he flew to Germany to work closely with the Bad Homburg Fire dept, Police Dept and Paramedics. Germany has no record of any First Responders ending their lives as a result of living with PTSD. In Canada in the last 2 years over 100 First Responders who had been diagnosed with PTSD have died by suicide. Kosikar wanted to know why the statistics are so startlingly different.

While in Germany, he took his tire and chains to a Harley Davidson Magic Bike week motorcycle rally in Ruedesheim and raised awareness to PTSD to over 20 000 bikers and members of NATO / First Responders
Newpaper Germany BLACKUpon arriving back in Canada on July 1st Canada Day, Kosikar took his tire over to the Legislature Building in Victoria BC to inform the public how WCB does not recognize PTSD as a workplace injury and ask them help by signing a petition “Presumption of Illness”. With the help of Victoria Buzz article on this event, so far there are 2400 signatures on the petition in the last 2 weeks.

Petition – https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/bring-presumption-of-illness-for-ptsd-in-public-safety-workers-in-british-columbia

February 12, 2016 marked the 6 year anniversary of the death of Nodar Kumaritshvilli. the Luge athlete killed just before opening ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Kosikar was the First Responder to that fatal accident . Although he was well trained in a myriad of life saving techniques, he was not prepared to deal with the emotional impact sustained when those techniques were not enough. As a result of the fatality, he developed PTSD that launched him into a very costly downward spiral. During several years of severe depression, anxiety, nightmares, and substance abuse, he lost his family, career, and nearly his life.

Your coverage of this event will help raise crucial awareness to PTSD in First Responders, and help Break the Chains of Silence.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


For further information, please visit:
Website – http://breakingthechainsbc.com/en_US/
Email – terrance@campmyway.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tico.griffin
Twitter – https://twitter.com/BreakingTCBC
Sponsors – http://breakingthechainsbc.com/en_US/sponsors/


CTV NEWS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCs-dE4BjSw
Victoria Buzz News – http://victoriabuzz.com/2016/07/man-chains-flipping-tire-legislature-canada-day/
Petition – https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/bring-presumption-of-illness-for-ptsd-in-public-safety-workers-in-british-columbia

**HUGE SUCCESS** at Magic Bike Ruedesheim Germany raising awareness to PTSD


**HUGE SUCCESS** at Magic Bike Ruedesheim Germany raising awareness to PTSD

Together with – Two Capitols Chapter – Harley Owners Group Germany.

Friday night, just before midnight and I had just laid down to bed when I heard the buzzzzzz from my cell phone.
Yes, the Lion has a cell phone now, believe it! haha

It was Jerry Jr Sigmund H.O.G Charter and life member, Special Affairs Officer and Editor. He says it’s important that we meet.

So, I leaped outta bed and grabbed my helmut, keys and jumped on my Harley Davidson Sports Bob given to me from Mr.Tomas Trapp of Harley Davidson Frankfurt Factory Germany, and sponsored by Mainhattan Choppers.

How stoked was I to have this opportunity not only to get ride in the beautiful country of Germany, but to hang with my Manhattan Chopper family and Flincher’s 33 brothers (vid coming next week).

I got down to the main drag in Ruedesheim, where there were still well over 10 000 super rad bikers from all over the world enjoying some nice times under the beautiful stars amongst the endless wine vineyards.

I wish I had a better camera to show you how stunning all the castles look all lit up under the moonlight on the Rhein river… ahh man.

Jerry tells me he has great news. He says, “Tomorrow morning we will have an opportunity to flip my tire at the front of the parade along with 1000’s of bikers as they line up for the 10 km ride.”

He says to me, “Just before the parade starts, we will have to leave and head through the back roads to get to the finish line where the parade would end.”

Unfortunately, we did not get the tire out in time at the finish line, but had the chance to meet many high ranking First responders who had already heard of what we were doing to not only raise awareness to PTSD, but also raise money for the H.O.G Charity.

During the opening of the parade, I wish I could tell you just how many people Jerry had go to speak with about what we were doing. We had met at least 300 people in the 2 hours that we were there and to ice the cake, we made it on the news, and Jerry translated in German to many newspapers.

I would like to say I flipped my tire the entire time, but no chance, so many bikers, and kids wanted to try and help me, we even had a few soldiers from France come out to support us shake our hands.

The best part of that day for me, was to have European Nato members, and Polizei Commanders come and shake hands with me and welcome me to their beautiful country and thank me personally for this crazy idea of mine to raise awareness to PTSD (currently working on doing a speaking presentation for the Military here in Nov).

The looks of happiness in their eyes and the feel of their hugs and support made me tear up many times, and to even have EVERY person Jerry spoke with reach into their pockets to throw a few Euros in for the charity, sure did make the day every special.

A very special thank you to Jerry and Jerry Jr, also to all the police and military forces that came out to support us was just amazing, considering we only had 10 hours notice that we were even able to do this last minute.

Mr Bernhard Jung, Organizer and team member of Buddies and Bikes, Thank you Sir for this golden opportunity. Much respect my brother.

Stay tuned as many magazines and more Magic bike vids are coming,

– 3 German newspapers -http://www.wiesbadener-kurier.de/lokales/rheingau/ruedesheim/magic-bike-in-ruedesheim-trotzt-dem-regenwetter_16947215.htm

Final Kilometer of Flipping The Tire!

The Lion, peeks his heavy head out of his den this morning, eyes tired, back broken, knees and ligaments torn beyond repair. He grins and gently bears his teeth with a smile and a soft PRRRR.
He looks up into the beauitful universe and is grateful for his strength he has been given to walk this earth today and sacrifice his mind, body and soul each day to continue this ongoing battle to bring more awareness to Post Traumatic Stress, and try and help those who are suffering in complete silence right now, as they lay shackled to the deepest darkest depths of the devil’s belly. Flicks tail back and forth.

Two years ago, After my third denial from WCB for a PTSD claim, I lay in a hospital bed after breaking my pelvis in half. Told I may never walk again.

I found this post on the internet and I recall looking out of the hospital window and asked the universe for the strength to please let me walk again, and I would do everything I could to honour Nodar Kumaritashvilis’ life and do my best one day to make more people aware of the signs and symptoms of PTSD so they don’t have to suffer the way I had for so many years along the way. (more…)

With Respect to The Kumaritashvili Family and In Memory of Nodar Kumaritashvili

Chapter 1: When the dark night Delivers the day

Opening day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Trust me when I say, I know this was very sad and heartbreaking video to watch, I have had to live with this hurt, loss and feeling for 6 long years. Yes, even still to this day I teared up every minute I edited this video over the last few days. Nearly 70 HOURS straight.

I am sharing this emotional journey through this blog right now because there are 1000’s of First Responders around the world who live with, and are suffering the same mental disorder I have over the years.

Post Traumatic Stress is not something I was aware of and ultimately led me down many dark and life threatening paths over the years.

This is why we, yes you and I are on this path together today, to learn more and make more people aware of this life threatening condition.

Stay tuned daily for the entire story.

2 men died on Feb 12th 2010, and only this last year am I healthy enough to tell my story and take everything I have learned to help get Emergency Service providers get their lives back, their families back and their careers.

Thank you for the time you took today to listen, “Its all we really need from you”.

Huge smile, warm hug, so much respect to you for taking just 3 minutes of your day to hear me out and learn how you can help all Emergency Service Providers who suffer with PTSD worldwide.

Terrance Kosikar

ps. The only way we can make this program a success is if you help me please share it with one more person.

Thank YOU !

(bows respectfully)